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sigh - Mimi
Posted by rick_day on 2013.08.03 at 14:38

My Beautiful Bassets

Posted by whoisthat_girl on 2013.07.05 at 18:51
Current Location: South Africa
Basset Mood: Loving
Hiya! I'm new here and I thought it would be cool to show you my pups! (Okay, they aren't puppies anymore, but they sure do act like it!)

What are you waiting for? There's cute dogs down here! :)Collapse )

dog bowl

These are not the 'dog bowls' you seek. *waves hand mysteriously*


Happy Birthday to my Carrie

Posted by spicedogs on 2013.04.15 at 22:25
Eight years ago, today, my beautiful Caraway Annatta was born. She is our baby spice, affectionately known as Carrie Ann.


Bassets in The Onion!

Posted by slfcllednowhere on 2013.03.06 at 13:44
Current Location: United States, Washington, Seattle
Howling Away: They Might Be Giants - Thunderbird | Powered by Last.fm
Here is a silly article from The Onion about how the next pope should be a basset.


Puppy Bowl!

Posted by slfcllednowhere on 2013.02.03 at 15:59
Current Location: United States, Washington, Seattle
Howling Away: They Might Be Giants - Museum Of Idiots
There's a basset mix named York in today's Puppy Bowl!

camera and me
Posted by lection on 2012.12.16 at 02:27
Hello all!

I have a question. Wrigley has been super anxious when we leave the house since we arrived in the town where I am attending grad school, so we have been trying to avoid leaving him totally alone. (He has a history of pretty severe separation anxiety, and since we are both working at home right now and are grad student poor, it's pretty common for at least one of us to be at home.) Tonight we went out for a couple of hours and for the first time left the futon on the floor in the living room (it usually lives in the bedroom). When we came home there was a full-on puddle on it, soaked through--but it did not smell like pee, at ALL. When we go out and the futon is not accessible to him, he will often leave small puddles of drool on the floor. Tonight there was no anxiety drool anywhere else, but there was this extra huge puddle of something on the futon. Could it be just anxiety drool?

Man. (Wrigs is almost nine years old, and this is a totally new situation, despite his history of anxiety!)

New Here!

Posted by sharptoof on 2012.10.24 at 08:38
Current Location: work
Basset Mood: sleepysleepy
Hello everyone! My name is Ash. I am new to this community, and I just wanted to say hello and introduce you to my most awesome basset hound...


His name is Thor, and he will be a year old on Valentine's Day, which is appropriate since he is the absolute SWEETEST dog ever. He loves all animals and all people, and absolutely CANNOT stand it when someone walks by him without giving him attention. He can be a total brat sometimes, and he gets in moods where all he wants to do is make our lives as complicated as possible, but no matter how badly he is behaving he always snuggles the living hell out of us. Seriously. He is a World Class Snuggle Dude. He is wearing the T-shirt his Grandma gave him as he waits patiently for me to drop a treat. We call him the One Second Rule because that's about how long food lasts if it falls to the floor. Nothing gets by Thor The Mighty.

Anyway, hope to meet some cool people here and make some new friends. Thanks for letting me show off my kiddo!

camera and me


Posted by lection on 2012.10.07 at 23:45
Here is a video of me tormenting my dog this morning by asking him 534 times if he is hungry.:)

sigh - Mimi
Posted by rick_day on 2012.02.27 at 23:11
 Ogden Nash - "A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of."

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